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New Orleans Brick Elegua Head

New Orleans Brick Elegua Head

HANDMADE ELEGUA HEADS $75 Spent Monday with Elegua. Making 16 of them to be exact. These Clay Elegua Heads are handmade from repurposed 190 year old soft red New Orleans bricks from a chimney and fireplace I demolished in the former slave quarters of my house after Hurricane Katrina. These old bricks were made from Mississippi River mud circa 1830 when my house was built. Each Elegua head is unique and one of a kind just like all of our individual destinies. They range from 3 to 6 inches tall with base diameters from 2 to 4 inches wide. New Orleans red brick dust is used in Hoodoo for both prosperity ( when mixed with a certain bodily fluid) and protection when sprinkled across doorways. Bring a little Hoodoo to your Orisha worship today with these one of a kind altar pieces, My Hoodoo ancestors love it! I’ll be making a batch every Monday while we on lockdown so get them while they last.

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